Our Services

Keep Streets Clean

Our volunteers pick up trash every week. These "Social Interventionists" get free food, and  free medical and dental benefits.

Keep Kids Clean

A lot of trash on the streets is drug waste (toxic cigarette butts, lighters, or beer cans). Our holistic anti-drug programs include implementing Energetic Mindfulology into Schools and Hospitals. 

Yoga and Tai Chi include religion and spirituality. We only focus on the physical movements, stretches, and scientific ideas. Therefore, what we do is not Yoga or Tai Chi, so we call it Energetic Mindfulness.

Kids and Adults don’t have to smoke, drink, or pay to feel good. Our techniques are proven 100% natural and can last a lifetime.

Kids get discounted gym memberships through our program; we want to form good habits early in life.

Support Businesses

We partner with hundreds of businesses to  design merchandise with local artists, which is sold on our website and at the business (coming soon). Proceeds go towards the cause.

Connect ideas With $

We motivate everyone to brainstorm ideas to advance us into the future. Post your ideas on our Newsletter, which is sent to everyone in the Billionaire and Millionaire Pic4Pick Network 

Make Society Efficient

Efficiency can be material or social. Material efficiency includes food waste, plastic, paper, and energy—we want legislation to make material efficiency mandatory. Social efficiency includes how well We work together to solve problems—The Pic4Pick Network connects us together.

1 Million

If every religious organization, High School, Community College, and 4-Year University in California planted just 200 trees, then 1,000,000 trees would have been planted. Contact us to get started!

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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