What do people think?


Professional Basketball Player - Willie Farley

" Good work, I'm interested."

Dean of UCLA - Mr. Krouch

"It looks like it's a fairly comprehensive program."

Medical Doctors, Aum Center - Mr. and Mrs. Rakesh and Neelam Gupta

"We are impressed."

Master's in English Literature and Linguistics - Zena Obeid

"Congratulations on your n ew program. Pic4Pick is a very catchy name. I want to see if anyone in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) would be interested in funding your program. Maybe you can expand it here. KSA is expanding, and they are dying to start new projects and new ideas. I do Energetic Mindfulness at home and have been asked to teach my girls (students) some basics of bodily energy. I wish to coordinate the program in KSA. I have a lot of amazing Saudi Girls who are interested in the environment and their well-being. There is much trash and wasted food in the KSA. I like the idea of passing legislation making it mandatory for restaurants to make sure leftovers become food for livestock and pets."

UCLA Alumni - Mahir Pepic

"I am impressed by how thought out this is."

Mayor Pro-Tempore of the City of Hemet - Michael Perciful

"I want to see Pic4Pick succeed."

Member of MSJC's President's Office - Anonymous


Student at Aspire Community Day School - Anonymous

"I appreciate it, thank you."

Arizona Legal Document Services - Mr. Tristan DiCarlo

"I was actually very impressed, and I thought your company was very interesting. It is a good cause. I'm very interested in companies that are doing something for the community as opposed to blowing money off of people. I wish they had done Yoga and Tai Chi when I was in school, but, they didn't."

Aspire Community Day School - Principal Andrew Silva

"I am very interested in Yoga and Tai Chi in terms of introducing these concepts to students. We can endorse your organization as a Partner of Education on our website and social media."

Sierra Club Board Member - Mrs. Margaret Meyncke

"You inspired me."